In collaboration with the Ministries of ST&I and Communications and the Brazilian Internet Steering Committe, up to two new Applied Research Centers in AI will be constituted, one based in São Paulo and the second in another state (photo: Wikimedia)

FAPESP launches second call to Centers in Artificial Intelligence

19 de outubro de 2021

FAPESP launched the second call for proposals for the creation of Applied Research Centers (CPA) in Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI), the Ministry of Communications and the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (

Proposals will be received by February 1, 2022. The initiative is part of the FAPESP Program of Engineering Research Centers/Applied Research Centers, which provides support for the creation in universities or research institutes of research centers in partnership with companies.

In the new call, up to two centers will be selected for the development of applied scientific, technological and innovation research aimed at solving problems with artificial intelligence. One of them will be based in the state of São Paulo and, if the call selects a second center, it must be headquartered in another state.

The composition of each CPA-IA includes researchers from its host institution and, mandatorily, at least three more Institutes of Science and Technology (ISTs) from other Federation Units. It must also present at least a well-established partnership with an International IST with relevant performance in the theme of Artificial Intelligence.

It is expected that the CPAs in Artificial Intelligence: stimulate fundamental, applied research and, through them, innovation; strengthen product development (techniques, methods, algorithms, mathematical models, hardware/firmware, software, systems); implement a clear strategy for the training of qualified human resources in artificial intelligence; and provide the necessary infrastructure to expand search networks, among other points.

FAPESP will reserve a total of up to BRL20 million for the implementation of the call. In turn, each CPA can request from FAPESP a budget of no more than BRL1 million per year, and the partner company must make contributions in the same amount as the Foundation.

The call, however, does not limit FAPESP and the partner company to the composition of the centers’ budget – those that point to the existence of financing from other sources such as other companies, State Funding Agencies and third sector entities will be valued in the evaluation process.

The call for proposals (in Portuguese) is published in: