The calls offer opportunities for accelerators and agencies that provide services for startups under the aegis of Tecnova III, a program run by the Brazilian Innovation Agency which in São Paulo is operationalized in partnership with FAPESP (image: Pixabay)

FAPESP issues two new calls focusing on acceleration and internationalization of deep tech startups

04 de outubro de 2023

Agência FAPESP – FAPESP has issued two calls for proposals, one to register accelerators and the other for institutions that can operationalize internationalization programs. The provision of services to startups in São Paulo state is the objective of both.

In the call for accelerators, institutions will be selected to provide services to deep techs (innovative science- and technology-based startups) supported by FAPESP, especially beneficiaries of the FAPESP Innovative Research in Small Business Program (PIPE) and Tecnova III, a program run in partnership with FINEP, the Brazilian Innovation Agency. FINEP is an arm of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI).

The other call will select organizations to provide internationalization programs for beneficiaries of Tecnova III.

Tecnova III has a specific budget for accelerating and internationalizing startups, which will be invited to enter into contracts with the service providers selected in the calls.

The program awards grants (non-refundable financial aid) to support the development of products, services and/or innovative processes by Brazilian firms with the aim of bolstering economic sectors considered strategic to federal government policies and state innovation policies.

Proposals are to be emailed by 6 p.m. Brasília time on October 16, 2023. Applicants must have a client portfolio that includes at least ten technology-based companies.

Acceleration programs

The call to register accelerators for Tecnova III involves investment of BRL 75,000 per company. In this call, accelerators will be selected on the basis of an analysis of their track record and staff qualifications.

Proposals are to include mentorships for different areas of management, training courses, connections with major corporations, technology scale-up, strategies to attract clients, and guidelines for participation in investment rounds.

FAPESP will analyze proposals to ensure that they suit the profile of the startups and that an adequate methodology will be used to measure the impact of the intervention, bridge gaps in the startups and set targets.

Accelerators selected in this call will also be accredited to provide services to accelerator programs to be created by FAPESP for startups after they have completed the PIPE program.

Internationalization programs

The call to accredit agencies, bureaus and institutions that help companies internationalize reserves a maximum of BRL 27,000 per company to pay for the services they provide – BRL 18,000 from the National Development, Scientific and Technological Funding (FNDCT) and the rest from FAPESP.

Internationalization proposals must consist of two stages. Stage one will be basic, involving webinars, courses and mentoring on how to plan internationalization and design international strategies for innovative businesses.

In stage two, which will be advanced, applicants must be capable of designing a market prospecting strategy and identifying competitive advantages in the international context; formulating tactics for scale-up of the business, including fundraising and different forms of corporate organization; and problematizing practical issues in management, such as marketing, sales, distribution, optimization and licensing of technology, and opening of new units.

Announcement of results

FAPESP will announce preliminary results on October 30, after which the candidates will have ten calendar days to appeal. The final results of the calls will be disclosed on November 20. The accredited entities will be able to sign service agreements with beneficiaries of Tecnova III and other programs to be created by FAPESP.